Saturday, November 29, 2008


Where I go to school, a lot of people start getting really really antsy if they've haven't been home in about a couple of weeks, probably due to the fact that they can't do their own laundry or make their own food (i.e. avoid adulthood and maturity). I've gotten used to not going home and come to accept it as a part of life and really could not care less.

Now that I am home, I see how this has affected me. A lot of the time, frankly, I've stopped caring. I've learned to live where I am pretty damned well, and returning is sometimes more of a hassle than it really is. And what am I returning to? Frankly, not a whole lot that is really alluring.

Sometimes I really don't understand people's attachment to certain places or things. Having to go home every so often is a prime example. Is it that hard to suck it up and live an adult life?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lies You're Told

There are a whole bevy of lies that I could probably expound upon, but I'm going to concentrate on one for now. If you want, you can go sign up for a blogger account and get cracking on your own set.

"Things will get better later when you're [different place goes here]."

I've been told that countless times. I was told it in elementary school, middle school, high school, and now in college. Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I'd probably be able to finance a better bottle of scotch whisky. And if that was the case, things would probably be...the same, really.

Things don't change, really, unless you change. There are just things that are not going to make a damn difference unless you as a person make some radical shift in who you are as a person. Until then, any hope that things will all of a sudden make themselves better because you're in a different place is simply false.

It is not the surroundings that make the man. The man makes the man. And even then, it's still a challenge to complete reinvent yourself. But just because you're in a different environment doesn't mean that all of a sudden you'll be a different person. You got to put some effort into it. And even then, the results aren't guaranteed.

My advice? Just tell people that life probably is going to be the same throughout and to accept it, deal with it, and move the fuck on. At the very least, they should stop lying.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lilies vs. Lunch-Pails.

People often seen the left as a bunch of hippies, bizarre academic socialists/atheists, or those annoying buggers on the street corners of Washington DC trying to get you to sign up for Greenpeace. That's a damn fucking shame.

When I was much younger, that was the way I felt. I lived a middle class lifestyle which would lend one to start adhering to those ideas and beliefs. Then I turned 17 years old and then had an epiphany: they were saying absolutely nothing.

Look, it's great that you're trying to help, but your effort is going to waste pretty much by going to Trader Joe's and buying the "free-trade" coffee at Caribou Coffee. Good for you. I might see those changes one day. And the fact that environmentalists advocating for public transportation haven't taken a public bus is really damning.

It was a true epiphany when I saw what amounted to silliness combined with some sort of mental pleasure stemming from their own notions of how great the world is with them contributing. Apparently they missed the memo that sitting around eating hummus and discussing how great a green and socialist world would be isn't helping.

One of the things that they have lost touch with is the man on the street. What the hell does he care about green policies when he can't pay for free-trade coffee at the local convenience store? And if you've lost touch with reality, something's wrong with your message.

The end point: Fuck the hippies.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Return

I have a computer now in my own room. The wandering days are over. The worry about whatever super-flu I'd catch on the rationalist's computer have subsided a bit. Score.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Wandering Period, Part 8: I Only Like Radicals in My Equations

The tree outside of the rationalist's room looks really nice. Didn't know that Maryland could actually have foliage.

One of the overarching themes of the American psyche is its distaste for radicalism. The American War for Independence really saw no more than possibly a third of the population side with the Patriots (who were pushing for a conservative revolution). The Americans looked at the French Revolution with horror. Same with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. So to think that Obama or any other president is going to make radical changes and somehow enforce this radicalism in ways that are so absurd that I can even imagine is preposterous and unnecessary, no matter what side of the political spectrum you claim to sit on. Seriously, if you think that is the case, take a deep breath and get someone to slap you in the face, either with a hand or a leather glove. Or two gloves, if you're into that.

It is interesting to note that Obama's ability to get the black and hispanic vote out resulted in not only him getting elected but also Proposition 8 (and other "defense of marriage" acts) passing. Just goes to show you children that you should be careful what you wish for.

Came across this article in time via Yahoo. I think its a great idea. I spent pretty much four years of high school marking time. It was pretty much like jail, except jail probably doesn't smell like ammonia and they have a health care plan. I probably would have done well enough in community college or a regular college (I got good grades in the college classes I took while in high school). Anyone who actually thinks that the four years is necessary either was probably high during their experience or just was too dumb to actually process the bullshit that the place was.

Now I get to go find my ID, which will dictate whether or not I can have a half-way decent burrito for dinner or perhaps fried rice.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Wandering Period, Part 8: Really? You Serious?

One of the silly things going on on Election Day were the cheers for the networks calling certain states for certain candidates. Vertmont, for example. I could've called that a couple of months ago. Alabama for McCain? I could've called that a year ago. Calm the fuck down.

And then we have Putin returning to the Russian presidency. Really? Wow. I did not figure that out. Oh wait, some people did...

If anyone looked at the prognostications and still were surprised that Obama won, it's like watching the Passion of the Christ and being surprised that they nailed that Jesus fellow to the cross.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Wandering Period, Part 7: Losing Automatically Makes It Totally Cool to Be a Dick.

Sometimes I wonder why the rationalist's computer is sticky. But then I stop wondering.

When some people think that the US is becoming dominated by religious fundamentalists whose dream it is to set up a fundamentalist theocracy so they can oppress and restrict rights with glee, I tend to look at it a little leery. Mostly because these fuckers can't keep their goddamned mouth shut or keep churning out material containing their beliefs which vacillate between inane and intolerant. I believe there is a vast majority with actual stuff to do during the day (i.e. actually helping people like Jesus said instead of being a dick like whatever nutjob preacher says) and are not represented by these people. Doesn't make 'em any more wrong.

Saw this post on another blog. And I was...chilled by it. As such, I figure I should perhaps react to it.

10) "Emphasize political power as the means to ending abortion in America."

He mentions the whole "legislating from the bench" malarkey that a lot of anti-abortionists spout on about. That implies they're making it all up in their black muumuus in some smoke filled room where the rub themselves with pictures of Jack Kerouac and whatever else gets their liberal motors running. Sorry dude, Supreme Court justices actually use things like, uh, LEGAL THEORY to decide cases. Roe v. Wade had basis in that US Constitution thing you hear about and also precedents established in other Supreme Court cases, more specifically Griswold v. Connecticut. You don't like their interpretation? Too bad. Wait till the next one or see if you can get your own little special case on the docket. You want to change things? Stop bitching about the justices and move for a constitutional amendment.

9) "Continue stigmatizing pregnancy out of wedlock."

Continue? Continue? When did we stop? I guess I missed the memo when I was with the Justices of the Supreme Court rubbing pictures of Jack Kerouac in their smoke filled room. Marriage is no guarantee that the kid's going to get a stable household. Having support from one's family (whatever that may be) is. And furthermore, perhaps people are fine without having to pay for the wedding license and all the other hoopla and just having a common law marriage or whatever the technical term is. It's cool that you have your own little life paradigm; but keep it to your damn self.

8) "Criticize and judge people who vote for pro-choice politicians"

I'd go on and say that this is simply being a dick, but I do it I'll actually say this is advocating being a dick. Being a dick is not going to endear you to these people, nor will just berating them for their choice. Otherwise, any one of the nutjobs out there who believes this stuff would be instantly swayed by my musings. Furthermore, what the hell is he talking about with the African-American churches? What the hell does the cornerstone of African American society have to do with being a dick?

7) "Continue to encourage abstinence-only sex education"

Uh...right. Worked for Sarah Palin's children. This is only going to lead to more unwanted pregnancies since Billy and Jane didn't learn about wrapping it up. They're young; they're going to try things. At least prepare them for it. Preparing them for sex is not telling them "Go screw NOW!" Not hearing about contraception isn't going to kill their desire, nor does hearing about condoms make a teenager especially horny.

6) "Support purity rings and abstinence pledges"

The "statistic" he cites is pretty self-congratulatory. They probably wouldn't have had sex (or probably had no chance to, as I don't know how appealing these 10% are) without the pledge, so he's possibly mistaking cause and effect here. And apparently he doesn't get the idea that teenagers are going to have sex. It's been going on for ages. But you can advise them to operate safely.

5) "Crank up the shock tactics."

Being a dick part 2. Yes, show people gross pictures of aborted fetuses. Then expose yourself as windbag nutjobs who get aroused by disgusted looks on people's faces. Go for it, dude.

4) "Cut welfare, social services, and other similar programs."

Being a dick part 3 and 4. So instead of targeting the women who want abortions, you're going to dick over more people. Good for you. That'll make EVERYONE want to be you and ruin people's lives. The assumption that everyone has a religious organization they can turn to for "support"/someone trying to up their congregation numbers is pretty far-fetched. Some people in this nation use their freedoms to (gasp) not choose a religion. SHOCKING.

3) "Take what you can get."

Yes, talk up any mouth-breathing politico who'll side with you on abortion and how it is very naughty, and also just ignore all of his other stances on things. Great idea.

2) "Get more people into church doors and keep doing what you're doing once they're there."

What the hell is going on in there? Do they offer funny punch? Grape flavored Flavor-Aid? Magical cookies? Next time I accidentally wander into a church service, I'm avoiding the food and bringing a water bottle. Perhaps wearing a mask over my mouth to avoid breathing the clearly laced air.

1) "Piss and moan."

Being a dick billion. Yes, that'll totally work. Start telling lies and misconstruing things and eventually we'll all turn your way and start killing off abortion doctors and other godless liberals who join me and the Supreme Court justices in rubbing ourselves with pictures of Jack Kerouac.

It makes me wonder how it came from Jesus Christ advocating helping people to folks like this who make it their job to be a dick, but it's cool because it's for Jesus. I need a pocket US Constitution for myself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Wandering Period, Part 6: Indecision Support Systems

I woke up about three hours ago and I want to go back to bed. It could possibly be the turkey sandwich. It could be the lack of coffee.

Love how there are promotions to vote here in the United States. In other nations, people brave some ridiculous conditions to finally cast a ballot. Can't take the right to vote for granted.

Oh yes. Vote.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Wandering Period, Part 5:Misappropriation of Resources

I've mused a little bit on whether or not the use of a library computer to watch things like YouTube videos, dance shoes, or the Giants beat the Cowboys 35-14 is a wise use of resources. Then again, most of my blog posts have been made on a computer connected to the network, so perhaps I shouldn't care so much. I'll leave that question up to the philosophers.

Currently I'm back on The Rationalist's computer (formerly known as The Nihilist), mostly because I'm too lazy to go to the library and mostly because there's nothing really I want to wander into on his computer. Sometimes I wonder if I should wash my hands afterward. I blame a wicked case of the flu I had a couple of years back on him. Shows that I shouldn't be picking up random used paper towels off the ground. Or inhale the air in his room.

Ha. Wow. One of the juror's in Ted Stevens' corruption case lied about seeing her dying father and instead went to a horse race in California. I don't know what that says: either Ted Stevens character is really easy to catch, or people couldn't care less about justice and nailing corrupt bastards to the wall. That or someone didn't do a good job during jury selection.

So when you're starving, the first thing you want is: A) food or B) soap, because you want to make sure your hands are clean before you eat. Clearly it's B) soap. Well, at least according to the UN. Remember, hygiene is key to survival!

And with that, I'll probably wash my hands right now to avoid catching yet another respiratory disease from the room.

The Wandering Period, Part 4: It's Not Vinegar, It's Paint-Thinner

I forgot to label the previous post. I might go back and change it, I might not. I probably won't in case someone has already linked to it.

I'm currently in the library, taking various breaks in writing to make a post.

China is now claiming some Japanese goods are tainted. First thing, this is sour grapes. China's had a long history of questionable materials in their goods and is probably one of the few countries were someone urinating in the dough-mixing vat is the least of one's worries. China pointing out Japan's alleged tainting is the proverbial pointing out the splinter in someone else's eye while you ignore the log in your own. Second, the two products are soy sauce and mustard. Why is China importing soy sauce? And why the hell is China importing mustard from Japan?

Apparently the short and clever title followed by the moderately-sized subtitle was not in fashion in the nineteenth century. I just had to type out a title that was two lines of text long. Were these people paid by the word? Interesting to note that the fellow (Jared Sparks) has a pretty unremarkable nineteenth century name.

Any of you folks who think that fleeing to Europe is an option for freedom from "oppression" and "the man," sorry. France just passed a law that kicks you off the internet if you're busted a third time downloading "illegally."

My only hope is to become a courted niche political demographic, much like the people described in this Newsweek article. Talk about trying just a little too hard. I'm still waiting on the demographic of "Future historians who prefer scotch and wear hats."

When historians get bored or need to feel somewhat loved by the public, they dig this crap up. I mean, I guess it's sort of important. On the other hand, do I really need to know about Carter's ass?

On that note, back to writing about real history.